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We're Expanding to Malden!


We're Expanding to Malden!


March 2, 2018

The news is true: Mystic is in the planning stages of opening a new brewery in the heart of Malden. The site, 11 Charles Street, was originally built to sell Model T Fords and most recently housed a bowling alley. Even it in its current state (I snapped this photo a few days ago) it charmed us like no other. Our restoration will take some time, maybe a year, but we're planning a brewery like no other.

With you all by our side, we've built an incredible foundation in Chelsea over the last six years. We've explored traditional and modern methods, developed our own custom fermenters, and grown our production and loyal following each year. We've hit our capacities in our current space so it’s time to build a truly vivid, mindful brewery. It’s also time to build a great gathering place. A taproom/beer hall is planned with the vision of a beautiful place to meet, hang out, eat cheese (!), and hopefully get lost in beers that never get tiresome and always inspire.

To those who have asked if we're leaving Chelsea, the answer is no! We are keeping our current space. It will continue to operate as a sister brewery to the Malden one and will be used for some exciting new projects. 

We are so grateful for the community of beer lovers that have brought us here. Thank you all and stay tuned for more updates!

Bryan & The Mystic Team