Mystic Brewery
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Justine grew up in the lovely hills of Saratoga, California and attended college amongst the redwoods at UC Santa Cruz. After graduating she elected to pursue a career in teaching and taught at several schools throughout the Bay Area. However she also picked up a new hobby - home brewing with her father. It was this love of creating beverages and fizzy drinks to share with friends that started her passion for brewing. To explore all America's beer scene had to offer she stocked up her car with backpacking gear and enough food to feed a family of bears, and set out on a ten day road trip from California to Boston. She stopped at a brewery for a cold beer in every single state (except Ohio), and visited a few cities and national parks in between. It was during this trip that she received a call from Christian and arranged to meet with him at the end of her road trip. Justine now heads up the cellar operations at Mystic and will soon be in charge of restarting the laboratory, where she'll keep the yeast happy so they produce the beer we all know and love.