Mystic Brewery
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Erin is fortunate to share her hometown, Cambridge, Massachusetts, with one of America's greatest foodie meccas: Formaggio Kitchen. In 2005 she joined their team and spent the next 10 years at the famed cheese shop feeding her passion for artisan food and learning the ins and outs of the gourmet food business. Despite being a rosé enthusiast, she's making room for more beer in her life thanks to the devoted team at Mystic and their determination to make a beer drinker out of her. (She credits Saison Renaud for helping her turn the corner.) When not working Erin prioritizes learning about new cultures and cuisines the old fashioned way - by going to the source and traveling as often as possible. To date Italy and Bali top the list.

WILL NEVER TURN DOWN: Txakolina rosé + tacos