Mystic Brewery





Mystic's founder, Bryan Greenhagen, dabbled in many pursuits before finding beer. Highlights include stints as a bookseller, line cook, cinematography student, and forming a "terrible punk rock band of no importance." He ended up flunking out of film school but fortunately the episode didn't dissuade him from future academic endeavors. He opted to swap out arts for sciences, first studying biology then agriculture which sparked an obsession with how plants make flavors and fragrances. This fascination led to a PhD in plant biochemistry at the University of Kentucky, a thesis on the origins of isoprenoid diversity, and post-doctoral work at MIT. Degree in hand Bryan went on to work in industrial fermentation at Microbia where he met his wife Emily, also a fermentation scientist. Although his work there allowed for geeking out on topics like fed batch fermentation and strain development, he couldn't help but admit it'd be more fun, and tasty, to apply his expertise to the world's oldest and most famous fermented beverage. He founded Mystic Brewery in 2009 and has been living the dream ever since.

WILL NEVER TURN DOWN: a nice liverwurst and muenster on pumpernickel with a good saison