While we like experimenting with ingredients all year long, February 1st is the day we really get to have fun with our recipes. Along with other like-minded breweries around the world, we will be delving into a style nearly lost to time, gruit. Like the original brewers, we forgo hops in favor of herbs, spices and other rarely-seen brewing ingredients.

This year we're especially excited to debut this year's selection, which will have been brewed in our new brewhouse by our new head brewer Charlie Cummings. Charlie's lineup incorporates the traditional ingredients of ancient gruits with modern flavors.

All of these will be brewery only and in extremely limited quantities so if you want a taste, make sure to drop by our Chelsea location on February 1st! Our tap room will be open from 4-9, but usual hours will resume Wednesday.

What Keeps Mankind Alive- Gruit with dandelion, damiana, and coriander





Extradimensional Ancestry- Gruit with yarrow, red clover tops and wild cherry bark, aged on maple and cherry wood





Warned by the Television Snow- Gruit with mugwort, chamomile and bitter orange





Mechanical Topography- Saison infused with juniper, calendula and dried blueberry