The Mystic Family of Beer


Saison Renaud

The beer that started it all, a provision-style saison fermented with our longest continuously cultured strain of yeast.

6.5% alc. by vol.

Table Beer

An everyday farmhouse ale, light and crushable with a crisp, dry finish.

4.3% alc. by vol.

The Hum

A rich, warming porter to help survive the brutal northeastern winters.

7% alc. by vol.

Vinland Series

A series of ales fermented with local strains of yeast, an attempt to capture a unique sense of northeastern terroir.


Vinland One

Ale fermented with yeast harvested from the skin of a Massachusetts plum.

7.25% alc. by vol.


Vinland Two

Ale fermented with yeast harvested from the skin of a Maine blueberry.

7.3% alc. by vol.

Vinland Three

Ale fermented with yeast harvested from the skin of a Vermont raspberry.

6% alc. by vol. 


Vinland Four

Ale spontaneously fermented with yeast found on Massachusetts-grown barley.

6% alc. by vol.

Limited/Infrequent Offerings



Uncarbonated "still" ale, fermented with three strains of yeast and aged in American oak.

14% alc. by vol.

Chelsea Common

A sour, dry-hopped farmhouse ale

4.2% alc. by vol.


Three Cranes

Saison conditioned on whole Cape Cod cranberries.

6.5% alc. by vol.

Spectral Evidence

A rich, full-bodied imperial stout that can be laid down in your cellar for many years.

12% alc. by vol.

The Orange Dinosaur

A juicy double IPA brewed in honor of Massachusetts Route 1's silent guardian.

8.5% alc. by vol.


De Varenne

A blended wild ale incorporating multiple barrels fermented a minimum of one year.

6.5% alc. by vol.





Flor Ventus

A wild ale fermented with a mixed culture of wild yeast and bacteria in chardonnay barrels for 30 months, then finished in the bottle for an additional year.

4.2% alc. by vol.


Winter on the River Styx

A black IPA.

7.3% alc. by vol.


What Keeps Mankind Alive

Gruit infused with the flavors of dandelion, damiana and Indian coriander.

6.4% alc. by vol.


Bonus Life

Double IPA dry-hopped with Equinox.

9.2% alc. by vol.


Hermit Kingdom

Pale ale with toasted rice.

7.9% alc. by vol.

Letters After Z

Dry-hopped sour ale

3.6% alc. by vol.

Day of Doom

Belgian-style quad

11% alc. by vol

The Last and Final Judgment

Bourbon barrel aged Belgian-style quad

11% alc. by vol.


Saison with Ethiopian single origin coffee, made in collaboration with George Howell Coffee

5.6% alc. by vol.




Pale ale with Amarillo and Mosaic hops

7% alc. by vol.

Milquetoast Fight Club

Double IPA 

8.4% alc. by vol.

Mary of the Gael

Hoppy, fresh spring saison

6.5% alc. by vol.

Old Powderhouse

Wheat Wine

11% alc. by vol.

Frequency of the Sky

Dry-hopped sour ale

3.9% alc. by vol.

Bromantic Vacation

Double IPA

8.4$ alc. by vol.

Sauvignon Blanc Barrel Saison

Barrel fermented farmhouse ale

7.5% alc. by vol.

Painted Smile

Barleywine-style ale

8.5% alc. by vol.

Fist Bump the Void

Black saison with star anise and gentian root

5.2% alc. by vol.

Dad Pun

Double IPA

8.6% alc. by vol.


Gose with locally foraged juniper berries and locally sourced sea salt

5% alc. by vol.

Machine Koan

Dry-hopped sour ale

4.5% alc. by vol.

Gone Squatchin'

Double IPA

8.8% alc. by vol.

Luminous Ruins

Dry-hopped sour ale

4.3% alc. by vol.